Banaras (City of Million Tales)

City of Million Tales, is a running narrative about the city’s fabled history and its primeval place in religious discourse of the country. The 162 page book takes the readers to a journey of this great city through an evolved discussion. It also talks about the significance of Ganga in the lives and minds of the devotees, who revere the river like mother. Besides this, the legendary educational institutions of Banaras, the artistry, which includes Banarasi sari, carpets and pink meenakari, literature, faith, culture, music and food etc. have been covered in fine details. Out of the thousands of temples and shrines that grace the city, the book showcases quite a few of them, along with their history and grand festivities associated with them. Apart from chapters, the book has a special 8-page centre spread to some of the real time shots which tell tales of the spontaneity of the city. It also carries perspectives of some of the most prominent personalities of Banaras, as nice breakaway feature.