Sufiya-e-Bihar, the seventh in the series of Jagran Coffee Table Books brought out by Jagran Prakashan Limited falls in the genre of coffee table books from Jagran Prakashan Limited, that are based on places of worship. Covering a total of more than 55 shrines, the book, Sufiya-e-Bihar, gives a complete picture of the places of devotional importance in this genre in the state. With the focus on historical value, the beliefs and legends associated with each one of them, their unique features, including architecture and general description of the layout and landscape, the book, captures the look and feel from a visitor’s point of view too. This has not been achieved through words alone, but also with the help of the meticulous planning of pictorial coverage. As one moves from one shrine to another in the book, the diverse appearances of the building structures, the multiple beliefs and legends associated with each of the places featured, are enough for inciting anybody into undertaking a trip to seek blessings of the Sufi saints of Bihar.